Saneral, Inc.
Full Service Marketing Agency
We help businesses in the United States increase sales
We specialize in various projects for the Russian-speaking community in the United States. We help and support our clients to grow their businesses quickly and successfully.
We and our partners manage social media groups in the US with more than 1 million people.
Social Media
The three largest radio stations with coverage of about 500 thousand Russian-speaking residents of the U.S.
Posters, magazines and newspapers with a total circulation of over 500 thousand copies per month.
More than 10 TV channels and TV providers covering more than 3 million Russian-speaking people in U.S.
Target audience analysis
We estimate sales volumes, number of clients and target audience, brand name. We identify their advantages, strengths and opportunities, and analyze ways to promote the brand.
–°ommunication channels
We analyze the cost of contact and its quality on every possible media. We determine the optimal number of contacts with one person and the time of their decision.
Advertising materials
For the tasks of any advertiser we will find the optimal solution for the production of videos and other promotional materials. From small business to international brand.
Our Services
We'll help you select the optimal set of channels, determine the intervals of programs, calculate the most effective method of purchasing.
We will evaluate the effectiveness of sponsorship of programs or commercials on the air, announcements of speakers or live advertising.
Advertising in the press can provide more information than other media. High-quality printing will allow you to visualize your products.
- Google, Facebook (PPC)
- Local SEO
- Yelp, Thumbtack
- Email/Direct mail marketing
We take photos, videos, graphics and texts to tell people about your products or services on television, radio, the Internet, Google and Apple maps, mobile apps, magazines, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks.
Top level production
Choose us for your online business!
We know how to attract consumers through various online channels. We have successful experience in setting up paid advertising campaigns Google ads, Facebook Ads with a budget of up to $1 million per month.
Local SEO through Google maps and various lead generators like Yelp and Thumbtack.
We know in practice what a selling SMM is - we and our partners manage various groups in social networks with a target Russian-speaking audience in the U.S. more than 2,5 million people.
We work with various online platforms and influencers with an audience of over 200 million people (USA, Europe).
We manage online reviews, online reputation, website development, online shopping, call centers and much more.
Unique advertising formats
Direct Response TV (DRTV)
You pay only for those customers that are converted into buyers. Spend your budget more efficiently with our reliable network partners and target distribution model.
Outdoor advertising
Graphic, text and video advertising in the subway, banners and TV screens in supermarkets with traffic of more than 1 million Russian-speaking audience in the U.S. per month! As well as signs, facades, stands, billboards and interior advertising.
Shows, Events and Concerts
Professional services in conducting tours, concerts and performances of artists. We will make an estimate and provide support and accompaniment at all stages of concert organization.
Leave a request and we'll develop an optimal media plan for your advertising campaign!
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